3 January 2021

What is a Micro-Task?

Micro-Tasks are small, simple tasks that make up a larger advertising campaign for our customers. For example, if a business wanted 50 new customers we would ask different people (such as Digital Marketers) to promote your business by completing 1000 Micro-Tasks – which would guarantee 50 new customers.
2 January 2021

What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

Word-of-Mouth Marketing is one of the most effective advertising methods available for businesses looking to get their adverts and content noticed by potential customers. “In fact, research shows that potential customers are 5 TIMES more likely to notice a business when it’s being promoted by someone Independent!”
1 January 2021

Welcome to our Blog

Hello and welcome to The Word of Mouth Marketing Network Blog. I established this blog to: “Discuss all aspects of advertising including tips, tricks and latest methods. I will also answer any advertising questions sent in by readers.”
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